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Ault Park 2009

I arrived just in time for the garage party on Saturday Evening which was held at Tom Stegmans Collection. Mr. Stegman has an amazing sports car collection, mostly Italian, and mostly Ferrari, although, there was a variety of marques including such rarities as an Osca double bubble Zagato, and a Moretti Coupe. Previously in the day there had been a nice country side tour and the evening before a gala dinner. The atmosphere was nice and the buffet lavish. I visited with old friends and made some new ones as we all ogled the very nice collection which was complimented by some nice contemporary art.

Saturday we were up early and I was assisted by Bob Westerman who had graciously offered lodging for the evening and a nice secure place to park my rig. We arrived at the show field and found the seasoned volunteers well organized as usual and had no trouble getting our cars on to the show field and spritzed for display. Our class was a nice large Class of Early Full Classics with several Indiana Region Members represented. Randy Still brought his Franklin Sedan, Gerry and Edna Mann brought their 29 Packard 640 Roadster, Tim Durham sent his freshly restored one off 33 Auburn Retractable, Bob Westerman brought his important 34 Caddy 16 Convertible Sedan, and I brought my 28 LaSalle 303 Convertible Coupe. Separately, Bill Miller brought his Tucker, which was in the post war American Class.

The day was sunny with mixed clouds so it wasn’t blazingly hot, and a nice breeze filtered through the lovely trees from time to time. This is such a nice venue for a car show. The concours has been going for many years, and is really one of the longest running shows in the country. The terraced field cascades down from a lovely pavilion at the top of the hill to the first level, where the Pre War cars are placed, then down to a larger field for the featured marques flanked on both sides by yet 2 other fields for Post War cars in various classes. Having been built in the Classic Era , Ault Park is a beautiful park with lovely architecture, and very well designed and maintained gardens. The surrounding Neighborhood reminds me of Kessler Meridian with its large stately homes of the best architectural styles of the early 20th century.

This years featured Marques were German Cars and Morgan, celebrating its hundredth anniversary. CCCA member Joe Cassini brought his Pebble Best of Show winning Horch from New Jersey, and there was a 540k Special Roadster, 540k Cabriolet A, and a stunning BMW 327 Cabriolet for those looking for Full Classic German fare. A large group of Porsches including important racing variants were presented. A wide variety of Morgan’s were there with some interesting 3 wheelers and a very rare coupe in a partially restored state.

The day was spent wandering the grounds, meeting up with old friends, including Larry Pumphrey-who came as a spectator, and meeting new ones. It was a lovely day and as usual a very nice show. Clouds started to gather as the Awards ceremony began, and a resulting Cloudburst ended the Awards presentation early I would guess. Luckily I was safely ensconced in my trailer by the time the rains came. It really was an amazing amount of rain that fell. I would guess multiple inches in the matter of an hour. If only it had held off for just another hour the day would have been completely perfect.

Still a little water never hurt anyone, and even this couldn’t keep the show from being a resounding success. As usual the Ault Park Concours is a show not to be missed and one of the Midwest’s, if not the nations, Finest Concours.



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