1922 Haynes
model 47 Speedster

Asking $90,000

offers encouraged

Location: Indianapolis
VIN #:39799
Engine:OHV 6-50 HP
Transmission:3 Speed Manual
Mileage:117 since rest.

The Haynes Automobile Company was a United States automobile manufacturing company which produced automobiles in Kokomo, Indiana, from 1905 to 1924. The company was formerly known as the Haynes-Apperson company which produced automobiles under that name from 1896-1905. Co-founder Elwood Haynes changed the name of the company after fellow co-founders Elmer and Edgar Apperson left to form the Apperson Brothers Automobile Company in 1901. The company was declared bankrupt in 1924 and went out of business in 1925.

Elwood Haynes was the inventor of Stellite which revolutionalized valve metalurgy allowing poppet valve engines to become the dominant design utilized in internal combustion engines. Prior to this valves had to be changed out every 15,000 miles or so, so the sleeve valve engine was viewed as more durable and long lived. Billed as America's First Car, the Haynes was a quality automobile built to compete with the finest cars of its time.

This very nicely restored car is one of maybe 3 remaining. Advertised as capable of 70 miles per hour the Blue Ribbon or Special Speedster, was Haynes most sporting model for 1922. Featuring German Silver brightwork and an aluminum body, this car was built for speed and luxury at the same time. Featuring Dual Side Mounts, Dual Golf Bag Doors, full leather interior, and Wire Wheels, no running boards, this sporting car stands alone.

Having covered only 117 miles since restoration, the car still presents as a freshly restored car, and still has many trophies coming its way. The car was restored by a Haynes expert in Kokomo who purchased the car as a stalled project. and embarked on a complete nut and bolt restoration with extreme attention to detail and authenticity. The car runs perfectly, it starts right up runs smoothly and shfits crisply without a lot of need for double clutching. The steering is light and accurate, and the car does live up to its reputation with brisk acceleration, and sure footed braking.

These cars are sure to be added to the list of Pre 1925 cars recently approved by the Classic Car Club of America so in short order this car will be fully eligible for all their events.


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