1932 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Springfield Dover Sedan by Brewster
Asking $97,500 OBo

Location: Cincinnati
VIN #:S229PR
Engine:7.7 Ltr 6
Transmission:3 Speed Manual

The chassis is reported to be a test chassis and features all PI upgrades. The Dover body was installed on the chassis for its first owner, Valeria Langeloth of the current day Jacob and Valeria Langeloth Foundation. Delivery date is reported as November 1932. It is considered a post production car (Rolls-Royce was still trying to save the company and building cars for loyal clientele) and well marked with 1932 casting dates, as well as 229PR Serial number stamped throughout. Body is said to be to be one of 5 made with only two fitted to Phantom I Chassis. The body is aluminum and displays "modern" features such as hidden upper door hinges, sloped windshield, short coupled/blind quarter window coachwork, padded top, and .... making it one of the most attractive sedans from 1932, and a particularly attractive Rolls-Royce of this period.

The car has been outstandingly cared for since new and is a joy to work on as it actually comes apart via always having rust-free hardware. The original restoration is high quality and was completed in the early 1970's. The car frequented car shows early on, including the RROC national meet in 1977. The current owner is a relative of the owner from the 1970's, and is a fastidious collector of Auburn automobiles and British sports cars. The car displays many original features demonstrating its outstanding "rock solid" condition from new to date - all be it car presents itself as a well done older restored car with recent upgrades. This particular car is praised by specialists for its nut and bolt authenticity too.

Importantly, the car features a approx. $20,000 Franke Cook Vintage Garage reproduction Cylinder Head, as well as rebuilt vacuum tank, rebuilt carburetor, rebuilt water pump, re-cored radiator, rebuilt gasoline tank, exhaust repairs, battery, tuning, and the car has recently (2017) undergone an extensive recommissioning with assistance of such Rolls-Royce specialists as Vintage Garage and Fiennes.

The interior is beautifully restored in Green Wool Broadcloth and Green wool velvet; and features such amenities as dual opera seats, disappearing division window, sunvisors, front and rear clocks, beautiful woodwork, dual gloveboxes, tufted seats, reading lamp, foot-rail, robe-rail, rear floor heater, German Silver and Nickle trim.

Mechanically, you will love the features such as servo-assist brakes and the power of 7.7 Litres. All features work with the exception of a modern electric fuel gauge being installed in the glove box to replace the inoperative hydrostatic fuel gauge - (hydrostatic gauge still remains in dash for authenticity), clocks (a Seth Thomas electric in the dash and a Brewster/Tiffany wind-up in the rear seat), and Chauffeur bell. Cigar Lighters have been purposefully disconnected. Exterior features such as authentic Brewster mirrors on body and proper sidemount mirrors and, details such as having its spring covers recently authentically reproduced really add to its looks.

The original luggage trunk is currently being restored and engine is in the process of being detailed. Featuring its original Springfield "Spirit of Ecstasy" Flying Lady and Cap, as well as most original service tools located in toolbox under front seats.

This car was displayed at Dayton Concours d'Elegance on September 17, 2017 - the first time the car has been seen in public in 36 years.

You will enjoy showing this car at Concours events across the United States as well as driving this majectic car on Tours.

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