1933 Pierce-Arrow
1239 Enclosed drive limosine

Location: Indiana
VIN #:2575057
Transmission:3 speed manual

Pierce Arrow produced the finest cars of the Classic Era in the opinion of many savvy Collectors. They were way over engineered and had features ahead of their time in many respects. In 1914, Pierce-Arrow adopted its most enduring styling hallmark when the headlights of the vehicle were moved from the traditional placement to either side of the radiator into flared housings molded into the front fenders of the car. This gave the car an immediate visual identification from the side; at night it gave the car the appearance of a wider stance. Pierce trademarked this placement and it remained in place until the final model in 1938. Hence it is only beginning with the 1939 model year that other American car manufacturers put the headlights in the fenders.

The Pierce-Arrow was a status symbol, owned by many Hollywood stars, corporate tycoons; royalty of many foreign nations had at least one Pierce-Arrow in their collections. In American luxury cars it was rivaled only by the Peerless and Packard, which collectively received the accolade Three P's of Motordom. The '32 through '34 models are generally considered the most desirable, due to the flowing streamlined lines and mechanical updates. The twelve is is without question the most desirable model with its ample power and highway capable speed and performance.

This very nice example runs and drives quite well. It starts right up, shifts smoothly through all gears, and stops straight and true. I really don't think one would need to do anything to take this car on a CARavan without fear of being left by the side of the road- The exterior paint shows some minor cracking and paint loss around the right side of the cowl and body, but I do believe it would touch up well- you don't necesarily have to repaint this car. The chrome is in good nick all around, with the exception of the tail light. The roof insert panel is in excellent condition. The interior is quite lovely actually with all seats in very good to excellent condition. The dash and guages are in excellent condition, with most still operational, and the woodgraining is all in great shape.. The Artillery wheels were restored during the current owners care and exhibit no wobble whatsoever. The car features Freewheeling, Dual Side Mounts with Covers, Trunk Rack, Exhaust Heater. It appears it had a radio at one point but that is no longer installed. The drivers compartment is surprisingly spacious and comfortable for a Limosine-usually cars with fixed front seats from this era are rather tight, but not the case here-this car can accomodate tall drivers with ease.

This is a rare opportunity to get a truly luxurious example of the best years of Pierce design and performance, in turn key condition, ready for the road!

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