1936 Cord
Asking $69,000 OBO

Location: Indiana
VIN #:
Engine:V8 FWD
Transmission:4 Speed Manual

The 810-812 Cord is a consensus for anyones list of the most beautiful production cars of all time! This groundbreaking design set the world on fire when it was introduced at the 1935 NY Auto Salon. People actually stood on top of other cars to get a glimpse of the Cord, which was akin to a spaceship having landed in the middle of the show floor. Sales requests were overwhelming for the relatively small Auburn Auto company and the cars were rushed to production. Many little irrating things were solved in the '37 Production year so '37 is generally considered the year to buy if you have a choice. The supercharged models with their outside exhaust pipes are the rarest and most desirable models. These cars are arguably the fastest and most drivable PreWar car there is. They handle and ride like no other Pre War car. They look like no other PreWar car. They are quite simply like no other PreWar car and quite frankly better than many cars produced long after the War ended.

This Exceptional example is fully restored to show standards, having undergone a complete personal restoration by a seasoned Cord Collector. If you have been around the hobby long, you know these are often the best cars from an authenticity point of view. Cars restored by Collectors versus Restoration Shops. Since they are restored by passionate enthusiasts who take the time to fully research things-who have the experience of actually having known people like Gordon Buehrig, and have been around since a bunch of guys decided to take their cars back to Auburn on Labor Day in 1955 and start a thing called the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club-these cars are really pretty special cars. Often enthusiasts find the most interesting and unusualexamples as well.

This is one such car.

The car is a very early Westchester- #63 to be exact, but has the bustle trunk. The car was returned to the factory, as many Cords were, very early in its life to have that option added. Note in the photos the way this option was added. It appears that rhe original flat trunk lid was hammered out and a triangular piece added in each corner to accomplish that curve. The simply constructed extension with metal tabs for extending the trunk from the original fastback panel of the body is also most interesting.

Completed about 4 years ago this car has been driven to the meet and back a couple times and obviously wasn't fully unloaded after its last outing for these photos. The seller is no longer able to enjoy the car as much as he would like due to advancing age, and is offering the car.

The car runs and drives wonderfully and is ready to go touring, but would also be most welcome at the most demanding show, after some minor detailing. Finished in the the always desirable Maroon/Maroon catalogue color scheme, the car is correct in every manner and worthy of acquisition by the most descriminating collector. The Seller opted to install the optional outside exhaust pipes typically used on the Supercharged cars when restoring the car, a decision I think many would choose. Only the most sporting cars of the classic era had outside exhausts. This is a truly greaat car. This car really needs nothing but a new caretaker. Are you worthy? is really the question here.

No collection is complete without an 810/812 Cord. Now is the time to buy one as they are rising in value very rapidly. The 812 Cord is one of the most beautiful production cars of all time, and they are quite simply the best driving pre War car there is. If you are looking for a Full Classic you can actually drive in modern traffic, the Cord is hard to beat!

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