1937 Alfa Romeo 8C Recreation

Location: Washington St
VIN #:
Engine:Buick 215 V8
Transmission:5 Speed Manual
Mileage:75,000 on chassis

The Alfa Romeo 8C name was used on road, race and sports cars of the 1930s. The 8C means 8 cylinders, and originally referred to a straight 8-cylinder engine. The Vittorio Jano designed 8C was Alfa Romeo's primary racing engine from its introduction in 1931 to its retirement in 1939. In addition to the two-seater sports cars it was used in the world's first genuine single-seat Grand Prix racing car, the Monoposto 'Tipo B' - P3 from 1932 onwards. In its later development it powered such vehicles as the twin-engined 1935 6.3-litre Bimotore, the 1935 3.8-litre Monoposto 8C 35 Type C, and the Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Mille Miglia Roadster. It also powered top-of-the-range coach-built production models. In 2004 Alfa Romeo revived the 8C name for a V8-engined concept car which has made it into production for 2007, the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione.

The 8C Alfa from the 30's is one of the most desirable cars of all time due to the combination of performance and style that is simply unmatched in any other car ever produced. Only about 20 or so 8C's remain, and they typically don't chanfge hands very often. When they do its always well into the 7 figure range.

This amazingly accurate recreation was handcrafted out of aluminum by a master craftsman. Based on a Porsche 924 Chassis, it is powered by a Buick 215 Aluminum V8 adapted to the Porsche Bell Housing using the Porsche Flywheel and clutch. Chevrolet Wheels were adapted to the Porsche spindles by cast aluminum adapters. The car should be considered experimental and further detailing may be desired, it has not been painted at this point. The interior is freshly redone in a tasteful grey leather. It has a valid title and registration in the State of Washington.

The stunning coachwork here is a nice interpretation of the coachbuilt cars of the mid 30's, without a specific reference to any one coachbuilder, but incorporating design cues from several. This makes this car unique, and not really a replica per se but rather an artistic modern interpretation of the 30's 8C. Utilizing the Porsche chassis with the lightweight Buick V8 gives the car brisk performance and good balance, and makes this a very drivable car.

This car is a true work of art, a one of a kind that will not be duplicated, but will rather stand alone in the coming years.


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