1937 Pierce-Arrow 12 Enclosed DRive Limosine


Location: Indianapolis
VIN #:409009
Transmission:3 Speed w/OD
Mileage:69,888 Actual

Pierce Arrow produced the finest cars of the Classic Era in the opinion of many savvy Collectors. They were way over engineered and had features ahead of their time in many respects. In 1914, Pierce-Arrow adopted its most enduring styling hallmark when the headlights of the vehicle were moved from the traditional placement to either side of the radiator into flared housings molded into the front fenders of the car. This gave the car an immediate visual identification from the side; at night it gave the car the appearance of a wider stance. Pierce trademarked this placement and it remained in place until the final model in 1938. Hence it is only beginning with the 1939 model year that other American car manufacturers put the headlights in the fenders.

The Pierce-Arrow was a status symbol, owned by many Hollywood stars, corporate tycoons; royalty of many foreign nations had at least one Pierce-Arrow in their collections. In American luxury cars it was rivaled only by the Peerless and Packard, which collectively received the accolade Three P's of Motordom.The late Pierce 12 is one of the best motors built during the Classic Era. It was so strong that it remained in production well into the late 50's for use in Seagrave Firetrucks. The "multi-cylinder wars" of the 30's gave birth to some exciting motors, the Duesenberg DOHC 8, the Marmon 16, the Stutz DV32, the Cadillac 12 and 16, the Packard 12, and the Pierce 12. Only in '36-'38 did Pierce add the OD transmission, which really makes this car one of the finest driving cars of the PreWar era.

This particular example of the legendary Pierce 12 is one of only 6 built with 3 known survivors. The car sports many original features such as the interior, but was repainted some time back. Always a New Mexico car, it was in a museum in Albuquerque for 30 years, and has known ownership history to new.   It sports dual sidemounts, artillery wheels, Lorraine spotlight, period-correct radio, archer ornament, automatic overdrive.   The interior is original except for the carpeting, which was done years ago.  The car runs and drives well, is currently inspected, and shows well.

This is a once in lifetime opportunity to acquire a very important car with unmatched provenance. These late Pierce 12's are exceptionally rare cars.

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