1937 Mullin Trailer

Location: Indiana
VIN #:1056

The Mullins Metal Stamping Company, located in Salem, Ohio made all types of products by the metal stamping process. As far back as 1894 they were producing metal roofing, skylites, embossed ceiling panels, all types of architectural building products, elevator cabs and large stamped metal statues that are still seen in parks to this day. In 1906 they started producing stamped steel boats in two sizes, 9' and 15' in length, the 9' boat sold for $50.00 and the 15' for $110.00. In 1911 the company was busy stamping various parts for the many automobile companies that were just starting in business including Peerless and Pierce-Arrow.

During World War I, it produced aircraft parts and parts for gas masks. After the war, the demand for statuary and ornamental sheet metal fell off.

By 1919, business was devoted almost entirely to stamping bodies and parts for the automobile industry, and the company name was changed to Mullins Body Corporation.

In the mid twenties, body stamping declined due to competition and major auto companies developing their own stamping facilities.

In 1925, the company developed a new cold process for stamping washing machine tubs rather than the hot process that was previously used.

With the decline of their automobile business, the name was changed to Mullins Manufacturing Corporation in 1927.

The depression also took its toll on company sales.

Company founder W.H. Mullins died in 1932 and at that time the primary products were radiator covers and metal sinks. 1935 saw an end to the metal boats which had been in production since 1906.

The Mullins trailer was developed as a a way to produce just another product that could be marketed. It was produced during 1936 and 1937, and sold new for $119.50. From serial numbers on surviving trailers, it is generally agreed upon that a total of approximately 2000 trailers were manufactured. The trailer was not a big success as evidenced by its short two year production.

The Company merged with Youngstown Pressed Steel in 1937.

This very fine example is in excellent condition throughout, and appears to have never suffered from rust or corrosion. It really is in incredible condition with straight metal, no dents or dings, and a nice glossy finish. In a noted collection for many years this is one of the best Mullins Trailers we have ever seen. All of the correct latcvhes and hardware are present and in great working order.

These trailers are the perfect compliment to Mid 30' Convertibles that lack lots of storage space.

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