1941 Packard 110
Convertible Coupe

Location: Washington St
VIN #:N192343
Engine:Six Cylinder
Transmission:3 Speed w/OD

The Packard One-Ten was a range of six-cylinder automobiles produced by the Packard Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan during the 1940 and 1941 model years. The One-Ten model designation replaced the Packard Six model name. Packard reintroduced a line of six-cylinder cars in 1937 after a ten-year absence as a response to the economic depression and ongoing recovery cycle in the United States. As an independent automaker, Packard could not look to other internal divisions to support its base of luxury models, so the inclusion of the Six, and the later 110 models, was necessary to aid in supporting the firm's bottom line until better times returned. Critics of the Packard Six and One-Ten models have long maintained that the cars hurt Packard's reputation of being America's premier luxury marque. Still, the reintroduction of the Six couldn't have come at a better time for the automaker, just prior to the nation's 1938 economic depression. By offering the less expensive Packard, the company was able to attract buyers who would otherwise be unable to purchase the more expensive Packard models. Built on a shorter wheelbase than the senior Packards, the One-Ten was introduced in August 1939. The One-Ten was available in a broad range of Body styles, including both two and four-door sedans, station wagon and convertible. Total output for the 1940 model year was 62,300 units. Following its successful first year, the 1941 One-Ten model range was expanded, and a second trim level, the Deluxe was added. Packard also added a taxi line within the One-Ten model range. Options for the One-Ten included heater, radio, spotlight, and despite its low-line status, air conditioning. For 1942, Packard made a decision to retain numerical designated models within its senior line and the One-Ten reverted to being called Packard Six.

This immaculate example was the subject of a complete ground up restoration spanning several years, completed in 2012. The car has traveled about 500 miles since restoration. With a known history from new the car is currently under the care of its 5th owner. It was purchased as a partially restored car in pieces and completed by the current owner- the car had been repainted some time ago, so the only real flaws on the car are some minor paint crazing-visible only on very close inspection.

Everything was rebuilt or replaced, and speical care was taken to improve the engine during the rebuild- hardened valve seats were installed to run better on modern fuel, and a rear main seal was added- something Packard did not do originally which lead to oil leaks in these cars, so that problem has been solved. All peripheral components were rebuilt or replaced,- generator, starter, fuel and water pump, complete suspension and brake systems, a new wiring harness- you name it-its been restored!

The car runs and drives perfectly, and everything works down to the clock! This is a car that can be pressed into immediate service, it needs nothing to be shown or toured this weekend!

Finished in a desirable cigarette cream color with soft and supple matching leather interior, this is without a doubt one of the nicest 110 Convertibles we have seen in some time.



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