1948 Buick Super Convertible

Location: Indianapolis
VIN #:
Engine:Straight 8
Transmission:3 Spd Manual

Buick originated as an independent motor car manufacturer, the Buick Motor Company, incorporated in 1903 by Daavid Dunbar Buick who invented the overhead valve engine on which the company's success was based in Flint MI. In 1904 the struggling company was taken over by James Whiting, who brought in William C Durant to manage his new acquisition. Buick sold his stock for a small sum upon departure, and died in modest circumstances twenty-five years later. Durant was a natural, and Buick soon became the largest car maker in America. Using the profits from this, Durant embarked on a series of corporate acquisitions, calling the new mega-corporation General Motors.

At first, the manufacturers comprising General Motors competed against each other, but Durant ended that. He wanted each General Motors division to target one class of buyer, and in his new scheme Buick was near the top—only the Cadillacbrand had more prestige. Today Buick retains that position in the GM lineup. The ideal Buick customer was comfortably off, possibly not quite rich enough to afford a Cadillac or not desiring the ostentation of one, but definitely in the market for a car above the norm.

Buick is one of the oldest marques in the world, with Mercedez Benz, Renault, Peugeot, Cadillac, Daimler, and of course Ford.

The Buick Super is a full sizedautomobile produced from 1940-1942, and from 1946-1958; it was on Buick's longer wheelbase shared with the Roadmaster. It and the Roadmaster were replaced by the new Electra in 1959. The 1950 Supers Came with one two barrel carb to power their 263 C. Inch straight 8. This setup produced an HP rating of 112. The Car is relatively quick able to achieve speeds over 90 miles per hour with its interesting transmission which rather than changing through gears simply changes the gear ratios on the fly. The car had 2 splits in the rear windshield although the front was a one piece and had a nice curve. Models also came with an AM radio and the antenna could be adjusted via a round knob in the front center above the windshield. Front engine rear wheel drive beauties like this exist very rarely now, though super-seeded by the Roadmaster a beefier fancier edition of the car. The super is still an excellent example of the ushering of the 50s.

This very nicely restored example is finished in an arresting red color scheme with a flawless red leather and tan whip cord interior and tan top. The chrome is in excellent condition, and the fit and finish of the body panels is quite nice. The car runs and drives very smoothly as a Buick should and will make an excellent tour car,and with the recent work undertaken is ready for any Concours as well.
The engine was just rebuilt with all new motor mounts, belts, hoses, new fuel tank, Complete Hydraulic System overhaul, and paint touch up on the areas around the hood.
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