1961 Lincoln
Continental Conv.

Location: NC
VIN #:

The Lincoln Continental is a model name that has been used several times by the Lincoln division of Ford for their top of the line luxury cars. For most of its lifetime, the Continental nameplate referred to the four-door Lincoln flagship. In 1981 the Continental's reign as the Lincoln flagship ended when the Town Car, a trim-level up to then, took over as the new flagship.

In 1961, the Continental was completely redesigned by Elwood Engle. For the first time, the names Lincoln and Continental would be paired on a car other than one in the Mark series. The design was originally intended to be the new 1961 Ford Thunderbird, but the concept was enlarged and slightly altered before being switched to the Lincoln line by Robert McNamara. One of the most striking features of the new Continental was its size. It was two feet shorter than its predecessor. So much smaller was this car, that advertising executives at Ford photographed a woman parallel parking a sedan for a magazine spread. The new Continental's most recognized trademark, front opening rear doors, was a purely practical decision. The new Continental was a unibody design, and there simply was not the structural strength to front-hang the heavy rear doors in the convertible model. To simplify production, all cars were to be four-door models, and only two body styles were offered, sedan or convertible. Therefore, the rear doors were hung from the rear and opened from the front. This "suicide door" style was to become the best-known feature of 1960s Lincolns. The 1961 model was the first car manufactured in America to be sold with a 24,000 mile or 2-year bumper-to-bumper warranty.

A Certified Milestone Car these are arguably the finest cars produced during the 60's. They have exceptional engineering and build quality, and legendary styling. They are rapidly rising in value, although they have always been collectible. This very very nice solid example is really a great running car,cosmetically the car is very nice and exhibits a lot of original features The paint is quite good looking with no real issues noted, The Top is very good condition, and the Chrome and other brightwork is very nice with no crazing noted. The interior is in excellent condition as well, exhibiting just the right amount of patina .

In short this is a great Continental Convertible, finished in a very nice color combination you can immediately drive and enjoy!

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