1962 Oldsmobile
98 Convertible

Asking $29,500

Reduced to $25,000

Location: Indiana
VIN #:
Engine:394 CuIn V8

The Oldsmobile 98 (sometimes spelled Ninety-Eight after 1961) was the full-size flagship model of the Oldsmobile division of General Motors, produced from 1940 until 1996. The name — reflecting a "Series 90" fitted with an 8-cylinder engine — first appeared in 1941 and was used again after American consumer automobile production resumed post-World War II. It was, as it would remain, the division's top-of-the-line model, with lesser Oldsmobiles having lower numbers such as the A-body 66 and 68, and the B-body 76 and 78. The Series 60 was retired in 1949, the same year the Oldsmobile 78 was replaced by the 88. The Oldsmobile 76 was retired after 1950. This left the two remaining number-names to carry on into the 1990s as the bread and butter of the full-size Oldsmobile lineup until the Oldsmobile Regency replaced the 98 in 1997. Occasionally additional nomenclature was used with the name, such as L/S and Holiday, and the 98 Regency badge would become increasingly common in the later years of the model. The 98 shared its General Motors C-body platform with Buick and Cadillac. As it was the top-line Oldsmobile, the series had the most technologically advanced items available, such as the Hydramatic automatic transmission, the Autronic Eye, an automatic headlight dimmer, and Twilight Sentinel (a feature that automatically turned the headlights on and off via a timer, as controlled by the driver), and the highest-grade interior and exterior trim.

For 1961 only, it was renamed Classic 98; nevertheless, most factory literature refers to the line as the Ninety-Eight. It offered five body styles. The sedan was now called the Town Sedan. The 4-door 4-window hardtop body style was now called the Sport Sedan instead of the Holiday Sedan. A new 4-door 6-window hardtop body style, previously exclusive to Cadillac and the Buick Electra was now offered and the Holiday Sedan name was transferred to it. This was the first time not all Oldsmobile hardtops were called Holidays.

Standard equipment included padded dash, Safety spectrum speedometer, floating propeller, air scoop brakes, two-speed windshield wipers, Safety-Vee steering wheel, parking brake lamp, courtesy lamps, oil filter, windshield washer, electric clock, Roto Hydramatic transmission, power steering and power brakes. Upholstery was vinyl, cloth or leather. Standard tire size was 8.50 x 14 inches. With the 394 cu in Rocket now standard equipment on the Oldsmobile 88 a higher compression version was made standard equipment on the 98 and Super 88 with horsepower rising to 325 in 1961 and 330 in 1962.

This very nice example sports new interior, top, and paint, and is fully loaded with Cruise Control, A/C, Power Windows. Top, and Seat. The triple Blue color combination is quite striking and fits the period perfectly. With a known history going back many years the car runs and drives without fault and can be driven home without hesitation. The factory Radio is with the car and will need to be reinstalled. A very large 60's convertible, this car has it all!

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