1966 Ford Mustang

Location: Indianapolis
VIN #:6FO7C385410
Engine:289 V8

The Ford Mustang is a legendary model, probably the most successful Ford next to the Model T. It was initially based on the Ford Falcon. Production began in Dearborn, Michigan on 9 March 1964 and the car was introduced to the public on 17 April 1964 at the New York World's Fair. It was Ford's most successful launch since the Model A.Executive stylist John Najjar, who was a fan of the World War II P-51 Mustang fighter plane, suggested the name.The Mustang created the "pony car" class of American automobile — sports car-like sedans with long hoods and short rear decks—and gave rise to several competitors, including imports. Although some other pony cars have seen a revival, the Mustang is the only original pony car that has remained in production without interruption after four decades of development and revision.

Conceived by Ford product manager Donald N. Frey and championed by Ford Division general manager Lee Iacocca, the Mustang prototype was a two-seat, front-mounted engine roadster. This would later be remodeled as a four-seat car penned by David Ash and John Oros in Ford's Lincoln- Mercury Division design studios, which produced the winning design in an intramural design contest instigated by Iacocca. To cut down the development cost and achieve a suggested retail price of $2,368, the Mustang was based heavily on familiar yet simple components.The car had the the 1964 Falcon's monocoque platform-type frame, with welded box-section side rails and cross-members. Media exposure began on 16 April 1964 with commercials broadcast by all three American TV networks to reach 29 million TV viewers, followed by announcement advertisements and PR articles in 2,600 newspapers the next morning, the day the car was "officially" revealed. A Mustang also appeared in the James Bond film Goldfinger in September 1964, the first time the car was used in a movie. Original sales forecasts projected less than 100,000 units for the first year, but in its first eighteen months, more than one million Mustangs were built.

As time progressed several performance oriented Mustangs were produced including the legendary Shelby Cobras, Boss 302,and Boss 351. Mustangs were very successful on the racing circuit as well as the showroom floor. But enough history if you are looking at this you already know all of this stuff!

This exceptional Mustang Coupe has been in single family ownership, this is the first time the car is offered for sale since it left the showroom. It is a very solid garaged example with no rust noted on my inspection- the torque boxes and frame rails are very nice. It features the 289, Automatic, Power Steering, and Brakes, and Factory A/C, and is overall in very good to excellent condition. The car had a same color respray at some point in time, but is otherwise original in every respect. The interior is in very good to excellent condition as well. The only thing this car needs, other than a happy new owner, is some minor paint touch up and a nice detailing. The car was not detailed for these shots so you are seeing the car as it is...not fluffed and buffed for resale...no dents or dings were noted. The only flaws noted were 2 stone chips on either side of the windshield, and 1 small hole on each side of the headliner (pictured). The AC is not currently working. The chrome isn't perfect exhibiting minor crazing here and there that will polish out well-I wouldn't go replacing that-its part of the charm of an original car. The radiator was replaced but the original is still with the car. The car starts right up and runs and drives exceptionally well. It is assumed this is a numbers matching car, we will verify that.

If you are looking for a nice Mustang Coupe with a known history. This is just the ticket for long distance cruising, and sporting drives on nice summer days.

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