1969 Cord

Location: Indianapolis
VIN #:059R1042C
Engine:383 V8

The 1936-7 Cord is arguably one of the most beautiful cars ever made.  With values rising well into the 6 figures, the replica movement started in the 70's.  The first Cord Replicas were Glenn Pray's 8/10 Cord which was smaller than the original and sported Corvair Running gear.  Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Sports Automobile Manufacturing Company — SAMCO — a company launched by Bill Lear of LearJet, produced Cord replicas in the late 1960s. There were two models, Warrior and Royale. Mr. Lear did not intend to either offer high-volume cars, or to offer the cars in kit form. Each car was hand-built at his factory, and eventually, around 400 SAMCO Cords found their way onto our roads. These later Cord replicas sport higher performance Ford or MOPAR drivetrains. These cars provide all the panache of the Original Cord while exhibiting the drivability of a more modern car with the blistering performance of the MOPAR big block. 

This car is in excellent overall condition and runs and drives very well. Everything works on the car including the A/C. With the Big Chrysler V8 in such a small package, this car is a very stout performer, and will provide lots of dependable driving pleasure. The car has had very few owners from new and has been held in important collections, always kept garaged and used on sunny summer days only. Finished in a desirable Maroon over Tan color combination and featuring a wide array of power and luxury options, this car will provide years of driving and cruising enjoyment.

These cars are welcome at the ACD meet in Auburn on Labor Day weekend, and even participate in the parade of Classics.  It features the outside exhaust pipes, rear mounted spare, and wire wheels. 

Not many of these Replicas were made making them actually more rare than the originals.

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