1969 Mercedes-Benz 230
Asking $18,500. obo

Location: Cincinnati OH
VIN #:
Engine:6 Cylinder
Transmission:5 Speed Manual

The Mercedes-Benz W114 and W115 models are a series of sedans and coupés introduced in 1968 by Mercedes-Benz, manufactured through model year 1976, and distinguished in the marketplace by names relating to their engine size. W114 models featured six-cylinder engines and were marketed as the 230, 250, and 280, while W115 models featured four-cylinder engines and were marketed as the 200, 220, 230, and 240. All were styled by Paul Bracq, featuring a three-box design. At the time, Mercedes marketed sedans in two size classes, with the W114/W115, positioned below the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Beginning in 1968, Mercedes marketed their model range as New Generation Models, giving their ID plates the designation '/8' (due to their 1968 Launch year). Because they were the only truly new cars of the so-called 'New Generation' and because of the '/8' or 'slash eight' designation, W114 and W115 models ultimately received the German nickname Strich Acht, loosely translated into the English Stroke eight.

The W114 also boasted advanced technological innovations. 1969 saw the introduction of the Bosch D-jetronic fully electronic fuel injection system into the 250CE. This was the first ever production Mercedes-Benz to use this system. Other innovations in the W114/W115 models include a center console (a first in a Mercedes sedan), ribbed taillights in 1974. All coupé models used the 6-cylinder engine (and thus were W114s) and were designated with a "C" in the model name.

This exceptionally nice example is very rare stateside with a Manual gearbox as most US market cars were fitted with an automatic. The car has subsequently had a ZF 5 Speed installed- the correct unit fitted to later model cars in Europe, making it even more fun to drive. Additionally, this car is a driver's car with Fully independent suspension- the previous models had a swing axle rear end, 4 wheel disc brakes, Front and rear sway bars, Wider body, with subtle curves of the body and window glass, a very good fresh air vent system thru the headliner that vents into the low pressure area just to the back of the rear doors. and of course the design of the 230 motor was pirated by Datsun to power their D240 sports car.

The car has had an new leather interior installed and has been mechanically restored. Featuring Air Conditioning and a solid rust free body, this is a car you can confidently fly in and drive home.

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