1997 Jaguar XK8

Location: Fortville IN
VIN #:SAJGX2740VC17029
Engine:4 Ltr V8 290 HP

The Jaguar XK series (XK8 and XKR) is a grand tourer produced from 1996 to 2006. The car was introduced in Geneva Motor Show on 5 March 1996. It is the replacement of the XJS, and was available as a coupé and convertible. The XK8 was the first 8 cylinder vehicle produced by Jaguar, when the Jaguar AJ-V8 engine was introduced. The 1997 XK8 (project code X100) was available with either a supercharged or naturally aspirated 290 horsepower 4.0 litre AJ26 engine. From 2003 the engines were replaced by the 4.2 litre AJ34 engines in both the normally aspirated and supercharged versions. The supercharged variant is known as the XKR. The first-generation XK series shares its platform with the Aston Martin DB7. Both cars are derived from the Jaguar XJS, though the platform has been extensively changed. One of the revisions is the use of the second generation of Jaguar's IRS unit, taken from the XJ40. The car's aerodynamic design gives it a drag co-efficient of 0.35 for the XK8 coupe and 0.36 for the XK8 convertible.

This very nice example has obviously been well treated its entire life and always garaged. Finished in a striking and desirable color combination, this car is just the thing for summer top down cruising. These are very bullet proof cars the only possible thing to watch out foe is the timing belt tensioner needs relaced at roughly 80,000 miles. This has been perfromed on this car and the car also has had a lot of recent maintenance items attended to at the Jag Dealer The body is stright and rust free and only has a few minor scratches that are not into the paint itsefl strictly the clear coat, so are easily addressed. The ires are realitvey new woith good tread remaining. The only real flaws I noted on the car were soem wear on eh front seats and some minor scuffing of the top where it folds when lowered. In short this is a car you can fly in and drive home with confidencee.

With their Retro looks reminiscent of the legendary XKE, the XK8 is a sure bet for increased value as the years pass. Now is the time to buy one as they are already starting to head back up in value.

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