1999 BMW M Coupe
Asking $17,500 OBo

Location: Indianapolis
VIN #:WBSCM9339XLC60493
Engine:Straight 6 240 HP
Transmission:5 Speed Manual

The BMW M Coupé and BMW M Roadster are high performance models of the BMW Z3 and Z4 coupés/roadsters produced by BMW M. The first generation was based on the Z3 and was produced between 1998 and 2002. The second generation was based on the Z4 and was produced between 2006 and 2008.

All models were produced in the BMW Spartanburg plant in the United States. Some major components— such as the engine and transmission— were imported from Germany.

The M Coupé, manufactured from 1998 until 2002, was developed under the leadership of engineer Burkhard Göschel with the intention of adding increased torsional and structural rigidity to the Z3 roadster's chassis. The development team had a hard time convincing the Board of Directors to approve the model for production, but it was eventually given the green light as long as it remained cost-effective to produce. To achieve this goal, majority of the body panels had to be shared with the M roadster, thus the doors and everything from the A-pillar forward are interchangeable between the coupé and roadster, as are most interior parts. The Z3 coupé, which combines the M coupe's body with the standard Z3 drivetrain, chassis and cosmetics was approved for production at the same time.

This nice example has been well maintained its entire life and is accompanied by a complete set of service records. The car was not detailed for this photo shoot but would clean up pretty well in our opinion. Finished in the quintesentially German Silver over Black, this car is a great opportunity to get into one of these rare and desirable BMW's affordably.

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