I have not spoken with you for a long time. Was cruising the internet (instead of working) and as I usually do, checked out your site. The 31 Model A is doing great and I have gotten a lot of enjoyment out of it. I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am to you for helping me get the car at a price that I could afford. You represented the car in a professional manner and above all put up with endless questions from a very nervous first time old car buyer. I recall at the time you had too much already on your plate, but you took the time on numerous occasions to address each and every concern I had. I would have had the great experiences I am presently enjoying with the car, had it not been for you. As I explained to you at the time, I suffer from a genetic illness that will most probably end my life. The car was a dream I had since I was a teenager. You made the dream come true. The car gets lots of looks, waves, and more importantly smiles anywhere I go with it. A friend of mine who is a mechanic has been helping me keep it in great running order. Yesterday I was on the highway cruising at 50mph. I can’t ever thank you enough! BIll C.

"The '56 Patrician was delivered on Easter Sunday. A real nice conclusion to a beautiful day. Everything went without a hitch from the time I first inspected the car at the owner's house until it was delivered yesterday. This would not have been possible without all your help, attention to detail and most of all -- great service.
     Even though I bought a relatively inexpensive car through you, the attention and service I received was first rate all the way. From picking me up at the hotel to inspect the car, an insider's tour of downtown Indy (which proved to be most interesting) and providing transportation to the airport all made my trip to Indy very rewarding. As a bonus, you helped me find the 1956 Packard I had been trying to locate for quite some time!
     When I'm in the market for another classic car I will definitely call on you again. Thanks again for all your help."     Best regards,     M. Tobin Albu.,  NM

I am writing this to commend Shawn for his excellent website and his efforts in helping me sell a wonderful 1934 Packard (in less than a week) and buy a 1929 Stutz Blackhawk that I needed for parts in another restoration.
Shawn was always available by phone and his knowledge of classic cars was a big help in both transactions.
I think his format is great for sellers and buyers and his use of E-bay as an extension of his service is a great idea.
Thanks Shawn!
D. Connolly
Santa Cruz, CA


Hello Shawn:
I want to thank you for brokering the sale of the 1932 Auburn with me.  I was in the food brokerage business all my working life and recognize a professional salesman when I meet one.  The transaction was pleasant and I am elated with the car.
Best regards,
S. Stevens

I highly recommend Shawn Miller's Company, Significant Cars Inc. as a good venue to sell a collectable automobile, including rare Classics.  For example, his web site brought an important buyer to me.  This person was just starting out in the old car hobby and could never have been reached in the usual way through ads in Hemmings Motor News or any of the car club publications.  Furthermore Shawn conducts his business in a professional manner and his service filters out the lookers from the serious buyers without discouraging anyone.  As a result, you the seller only get to deal with people who are really enthusiastic about your car.  Also, his fees and expenses are much less than the auction companies which is a bonus.- D. Miller, Cleveland, OH

I am writing to say thanks for selling my classic Lincoln. Within 24 hours after I called a fine gentleman from Indiana called and verbally committed to buying the car. Within a few days came and picked it up. I believe he was happy with the car and I was happy with the price, so nothing but winners here. I would highly recommend your web site for both buyers and sellers. Feel free to use this as a testimonial. Say hello to Hugh and Bill for me. Thanks.
V. Case
Bentonville, Arkansas